LEYO Motorsport – Returning to Australia

LEYO Motorsport – Returning to Australia

Over the years, LEYO Motorsport cemented itself as a high quality, reliable and culturally strong brand within the Australian car scene. The brand is well known for its air intakes that offered a high quality and fashionable design with flexible configurations (open/enclosed airbox) at a price that is hard to pass up. Along with its performance parts, LEYO produce a vast catalogue of accessories including aluminum paddle shifters, gear knobs wrapped in a fine nappa leather, engine dress up kits and much more.

Australian stock has in recent times become a challenge to come in contact with. Multiple interruptions due to international freight transport challenges faced by local importers did slow the supply chain to a grinding halt within the country, leaving all dealers and installers without an option for LEYO Motorsport products.

Here at ModsDirect, stock reliability is our core focus alongside communication and customer satisfaction. We place a high level of importance in maintaining our catalogue, being flexible with industrial challenges and maintaining an accurate stock status for our 1200+ item catalogue. For this reason, ModsDirect is able to once again supply LEYO Motorsport products to our customers with an estimate of roughly 14 days from time of order, through to delivery!

You can view the LEYO catalogue here.

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